You’ve determined that it’s time to Tell Your Story and in the process Heal Your Life.

Brenda Adelman

Brenda Adelman

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Be sure to read ALL of the guidelines before signing up. Posts that do not follow the guidelines are deleted, so if you post something and it disappears, then you need to re-read the guidelines:


I’m so excited that you are ready to embrace your CREATIVITY & HEALING and take back your personal power and personal freedom. We are a diverse group with members with RICH LIVES.

This group is about connection and community, sharing and courage.

It’s about rising above the wounds we’ve lived through by facing them and sharing what we’ve learned from them creatively.

It’s not a place for spam or or excessive promos.

You may ask woo-woo as well as practical questions, and we will do our best to answer them.


Sharing Your Story is about expressing yourself fully, stepping out of hiding and into the magnificence of who you truly are.

Great posts for this group are about what you’ve been learning about yourself on your hero’s journey and asking questions about clarifying answers you’ve found or been given, and exploring how to tweak things and integrate them into your creative material.

Here is the list of weekly topics to help you stay on track.

You may post directly to the wall any time except Wednesday, when we have a dedicated thread for promos for your show productions, public readings of your material, to let us know when and where you’ll be interviewed, if you are leading a workshop. singing, playing music, reading your poetry….basically using your talent and sharing your story publicly to heal yourself and inspire others.

Intention Monday

Share an *image* or quote that sums up your intentions for the week having to do with moving closer to your goal of  healing yourself by looking at your story and or sharing your personal story to heal yourself and inspire others.  You can also give a tip or ask for a tip.

Be Bold Tuesday

This is the day to post something you’d either like to do, are afraid to do or will do that involves taking a risk with your creativity. For example: Signing up for an open mic, singing if you have never sang, joining a short play festival, going on an audition, dedicating time to write, shooting a video, etc.)  Ask questions too.

Sharing and Promotion Wednesday

Share what you love, and ask for help for promoting it if you’d like. Promotion is NOT to sign up people in this group, although that may happen. Leave easy cut and paste copy for us to Tweet, post on Facebook, or otherwise promote, and let us know who your target audience is. Keep this all in the one thread that I’ll pin to the top of the page each Wednesday.  If you post outside of the thread your post will be deleted.

Inner Game Thursday

This is the day to post something you’d either like to do, are afraid to do or will do that involves taking a risk with your heart.  For example: Moving into more self-love and self-acceptance, practicing forgiveness to heal yourself and let go of resentment of a past relationship, setting healthy boundaries. I encourage you to journal first to process your story so that you can post from a clear place and with positive intention today. Please also ask questions about anything you need clarity with.

Celebration Friday

It’s time to take stock of what you accomplished this week. What did you learn this week, and what might you do differently in the future to move forward more quickly and/or experience more peace? Everyone’s accomplishments and lessons are helpful. We’re here to support you and remind you of how far you’ve come!

Fun Saturday

Have a funny take on a situation you’re dealing with? Are you seeing the absurdity in the mundane? This is a good day to laugh at yourself and give yourself a break. If it’s funny. it.  You may just find the beginning of some great material for your book or show.

Gratitude Sunday

What gives you joy? What makes you feel at peace? Shifting into gratitude when you are struggling is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. And gratitude is contagious and a gift to others. Let us know what you’re grateful for.

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