Forgiveness & Changing Our Stories to Make Us Powerful vs Victimized is at the Core of All My Teaching!

Whether you found your way HERE to heal your personal story to make your relationships better or showed up HERE to learn how to share your story with others so you could change more livesYOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

Brenda is an amazing coach. I feel lucky to have worked with her. She was loving, kind, enthusiastic, intuitive, and at the same time didn’t let me get away with not getting to the root of things. I highly recommend Brenda to anyone who wants to let go of old stuff, rewire their brains, and move forward in a big way. Linda Walling

What if this is the year that you finally get to Tell Your Story Powerfully!


Introducing the



The only community you need as a mission-drive heart centered BIG SOUL with a Story to tell on Stages, on Videos and in Interviews.

Time to Grow Your Business and Heal the World…with my help.

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It’s time to stop giving away your authority to guru coaches who don’t have time for you.


Go from confused to courageous as you are steeped in the support of a creative community that is awakening to their full Self-Expression while Growing their Businesses.


Is this you?

1 Feeling unsure of which story to share boldly in your marketing

2 Confused as to how to craft your story to be compelling while being on Brand

3 Wondering how you can present your story with enough confidence to stand out and be memorable to your ideal clients so they hire you

What if you could be part of a community that really cared about you and each other and brought out the fiercest, most unique, kindest YOU and you didn’t have to go it alone anymore?

Introducing the Soul Story Lounge

The only community you need as a mission-driven heart centered Big Soul with a Story to Tell on Stages, on Videos and in Interviews. Time to Grow Your Business and Heal the World.


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See everything inside my Inner Circle SOUL Story LOUNGE HERE!

Ready to Share Your Story and Change Lives? But….

*You are still too emotional to share and be in control (have it be empowering)

* Too detached because you had to be as a survival mechanism..but this makes you a boring storyteller!

* Not sure which story to tell?

Want to share your story on stage but have no idea how to be compelling?

Want to tell your story and show your expertise in videos to grow your business but hate the way your sound or look?


Step 1: Heal Your Story– LIFE COACHING AND GUIDANCE (see below)

Step 2: Share Your Story– ON STAGE and/or ON VIDEO (1:1 and/or online training)

Brenda is an amazingly motivating and insightful coach. She gave me guidance and helpful exercises to help me move in the right direction for every question I had. Within the first week of coaching with her, I had booked 4 shows for the month. From the subject of forgiveness to writing your story to heal your own heart, Brenda is the coach to help you make leaps and bounds in the direction you want to move your life into.

Candice McQueen

Writer | Musician | Designer.

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Brenda Adelman’s guidance on upping my video skills was clear, concise and spot on. I learned to just be myself when using my computer or phone to record videos! Her expertise is real and practical. I plan to work with her again to learn more. I have done two video tele summits now and applied what I learned from Brenda to Relax and Breathe

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Step 3: Monetize Your Story– YOU SHARING YOUR MESSAGE AND YOUR TALENT (VIP PACKAGE- set up your free consultation here!)

3 months to a complete, polished, short AMAZING presentation to be used on stage/ in networking events, public speaking and in interviews. First draft of a full-length presentation, promotional material reviews, resistance release and high accountability

“Brenda coached me in tightening up my story and directed me so I could tell it in the most
memorable way possible.

In 2 months, I went from an idea in my head to acting my story out on stage in front
of a live audience. (who loved it : ).”

Pamela Ziemann,

Creativity & Confidence Catalyst

Step 1: Healing Your Story

Healing and Forgiveness:
It all starts here….

Support to Let Go of Anything From Your Past that is Keeping You Small

Releasing Judgment of Yourself and Others

Discover how to choose LOVE (Self-Love every time)




LEARN THE TECHNIQUES YOU’LL USE FOR A LIFETIME and be accountable to me for the next 30 or 90 Days:

Brenda’s coaching program was a breakthrough spiritual experience for me. Brenda has a special way of giving you the knowledge, and direction, you need to really make a difference, to really make a change, in your life. She is very good about keeping you on track for a real recovery. I come away from each session with a new perspective, with new energy, and new empowerment. I recommend Brenda’s Tree of Life Forgiveness Coaching Series whole heartedly! Tim Hawks – Oklahoma City

Transformational Life and Story Coaching


    • 90 Days

    • Nine 45 minute coaching sessions

    • Mid-week email check-in with Brenda when we meet weekly to keep you on track

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After years of various therapy modalities and metaphysical studies with many life changing teacher I came to realize unconscious reactive behavior patterns were at times running my life. Working with Brenda I was able to uncover, release and forgive the past, leaving room for a new vision. I am grateful and blessed to have Brenda as my coach! Karen Koebnick Stellar Productions and Sedona Spiritual Journeys…

When I met Brenda three months ago in Sedona, I was fascinated by her story of betrayal and forgiveness….and her one woman show. At first I just thought it was really great what she was doing and knew I had already forgiven everyone that hurt or disappointed me during the past 1 1/2 years of counseling while working through substantial core life issues. There was a definite connection with Brenda and I really couldn’t get her off my mind. So, I started thinking about working on forgiveness and what that would look like for me…did I really need to address forgiveness again, I asked? I determined I needed to work on “forgiving myself” and that really sounded and felt weird at first. I’d never really thought about that. Meeting Brenda is undoubtedly the best thing that’s happened to me so far in this healing and growing journey of mine. She is educated in the field of spiritual psychology and it shows in everything she is about. I feel guided by spirit while receiving practical exercises to play with and learn from. I’ve had a quantum leap experience since working with Brenda in a very short period of time. If you’re reading this now, I lovingly suggest you talk with Brenda. She might just make all the difference in your life as she has mine. Darlene Simpson – Kansas City

“Finally, I really do have compassion, actual compassion, for the ways I can be. And that has been a huge breakthrough in Self-Forgiveness.” “Thank you Brenda, and to the group as a whole, for this class, and for helping me get back in touch with my better parts.” “I want to thank you for helping me get unstuck from such an OLD pattern that had returned. I really was mired down in it. You’re a great energy mover (I’m a 2nd degree reiki practitioner, among other things) besides your many other talents.” “Brenda Adelman is one hot mama of a coach. She is powerful, committed, and really, really insightful. Although her particular strength is in helping people forgive – even the unforgivable – to give themselves freedom, she’s just as committed to motivating her clients to go past the things that have been stopping them from co-creating really wonderful, balanced lives. She really helped me see that I was allowing myself to withdraw from situations and people as a result of an acute sensitivity to criticism (real or imagined). This issue has really put a lid on how much love and power I could allow myself. It has kept me in a very narrow box. I’m very grateful to Brenda for her ability to see and say the tough truths with love. Her intuition and honesty allowed me to see how much this unconscious choice was robbing me of the things I truly wanted in life. She truly honors her intention to support people in being free. Also, because of the class with Brenda, I was able to forgive my mom and be more vulnerable with her than I’ve been able to be for many, many years. As a result, I’m much closer to my mom than I thought I could ever be again. Bless you, Brenda. I am so grateful you are doing this work! What a difference you have already made in the quality of my life! Sincerely, Stel”