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Lynn Serafinn: Return to Forgiveness – September 15th, 2010

This is an advanced course in forgiveness. Brenda comes back for a second interview with colleague, Lynn Serafinn. She addresses how to forgive the unforgivable…rape, molestation, abuse. A key is to have compassion and love for yourself, and support,  as memories surface so that you can get in touch with your fears and release your anger in a healthy way. Brenda leads listeners in a 4 part forgiveness exercise from her ebook, My Father Killed My Mother and Married My Aunt: Forgiving the Unforgivable.

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Psychic Access Talk Radio – May 20, 2010

My mission is two-fold, to offer insights that enable people to discover their innate courage and core of strength, and second, to do so in a creative and effective way that fosters freedom and more joy in their relationship with themselves and those that are most important to them. I do this via the presentation of my one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, workshops, speaking and 1:1 and group coaching.

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Rhonda Farrah’s Radio Talk Show – May 20, 2010

Brenda Adelman introduces listeners her 3 Step Practical Forgiveness process: 1.Move out of denial and into acceptance of what is. 2.Give up your need to be right. 3.Send love and light to the person who you feel harmed you. Adelman will go into detail of how she used this process to let go of her deep resentment and anger toward her father for taking her mother’s life. She’ll also teach listeners the difference between a healthy boundary, an unhealthy boundary and no boundary at all and give tips on how to use self-forgiveness more often.

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Claudine Struck: What’s your vice – July 23, 2009

“Stay Sane Now: Renewing Your Mind, Body, Spirit,” with host Claudine Struck, guest speaker for “What is your Vice?” Brenda talks about the three steps to forgive the unforgivable and finally be free. She also shared how she transformed herself from being the victim of her life to the hero in it.

Claudine Struck’s Stay Sane Now Radio Talk Show

Recovery from Betrayal Episode

16 minute interview with Brenda Adelman

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Lynn Serrafin: Garden of the Soul – May 14, 2009

Brenda reads an excerpt from her upcoming book, “Forgive and Be Free: A Pathway to Personal Happiness.”

“Lynn Serrafin’s Garden of the Soul blogtalk Radio Show

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Healthy and Wealthy Summit – April 22, 2009

Guest speaker, “Forgiving the Unforgivable as a Path to Freedom.” on “Healthy and Wealthy Summit

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Amit: Inner Peace – March 26, 2009

“Inner Peace”,” Interview with Brenda on webtalkradionetwork.com talking about how her father murdered her mother, married her mother’s sister, and how she found forgiveness to him.

“Dear Brenda,Thank you dearly for your being on the show, and sharing of your personal courageous story. You are a blessing to others in your teachings and dedication to inner growth! It was a pleasure talking to you.

Also, thank you for signing me to the free e-class. I appreciate it ~”

light and blessings,


Laurel Druley: NPR affiliate KNAU – March 10, 2008

“Manifesting Your Life,” Interview with Brenda on blogtalkradio.com talking about her 3 step process of forgiveness and includes coaching steps and personal stories. Interview with Brenda on Sedona Talk Radio on the Tree of Life Forgiveness Program and the challenges and opportunities forgiveness brings with it. Brenda Adelman interviewed by Laurel Druley of NPR affiliate KNAU in Flagstaff, AZ

Inside Acting Podcast with Trevor Algatt & AJ Meijer

Trevor and AJ introduce themselves and acting in LA and then there is an interview with Brenda Adelman (me) about

How to Create A One-Person Show with Brenda Adelman

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Many people have traumatic experiences during childhood and must then deal with shame, loss, hostility, and other complex ramifications. Feeling poisoned by their own anger or constrained by a victim mindset, some struggle to forgive what seems unforgivable. For Brenda Adelman the personal trauma included her father killing her mother. Then, making matters worse, he married Brenda’s aunt. Brenda had to deal with this internally. Writing her story just for herself was one step toward healing. Performing it as a one-woman show gave others permission to tell their stories and so begin shedding the layers that were holding them back from healing. Later Brenda earned an M.A. in spiritual psychology, and became a life coach, storytelling mentor, and expert guide for those who want to forgive and set boundaries. She shares her story and her work in this episode of Family Matters.