If you are a performer, singer, poet, dancer or speaker I invite you to join me for Tell Your Story. Heal Your Life. Create More Wealth.


In this 3 part short video series (available at https://forgivenessandfreedom.com/freetraining )

you will learn how to successfully use your story to express yourself fully, showcase your talent and earn extra money.
Learn  how:

1) a one-person show based on your life story can bring you opportunities to act where you don’t have to wait on anyone else to get cast
2) to turn your storytelling  into a business that gets you publicity, awards and a following
3) to heal your life by exploring the characters in your life through writing them and then playing them on stage. 
4) to earn extra money consistently from your show (hundreds to thousands of dollars per performance)
5) to go on tour and get paid to share your message and so much more.

Tell Your Story. Heal Your Life. Create More Wealth. This content rich 3 part video training is FREE and available to watch this week at https://forgivenessandfreedom.com/freetraining

Screen Shot Video Series
To Your Creativity and Loving,

Brenda Adelman
Solo-Show Mentor