I am excited to be the new blogger/ solo-show expert at greenroomblog.com

My nickname is, what else, The Solo-Show Queen.  I can’t seem to get away from the word QUEEN.

I’ve had a couple of radio interviews refer to me as the Forgiveness Queen because of the fact that I forgave my father for murdering my mother and then marrying her sister.

I play a Queen in my one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet. Believe me, my life being similar to Shakespeare’s Hamlet has not been lost on me!

Of course, I choose forgiveness and redemption instead of revenge and death.

Take a look at my first blog post as a regular blogger on the new site: You can see it here: greenroomblog.com

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You’ll even see me in my Queen costume when you go there now.

My post is called, Your Life. Your Story. Your Solo Show.




Queen of Forgiveness