So you have a story to tell. You’ve lived a life, probably more than the nine lives our cats have lived. I know I have. You want to share about it. You want to yell from the top of the tallest building what happened and what you learned so that whatever happened to you or someone you loved doesn’t have to happen again to someone else. Maybe you can save just one person from having to go through the hell you did.  You’re ready. You’re able.

You’ve heard that video is all the rage. The stats for how many people will be getting their information only from video within the next few years is staggering. Just think about it…one YouTube video posted today and your story will be out there with the possibility of going viral and changing hundreds, thousands or millions of lives.

Imagine, someone across the world could be touched by your story…within minutes of you pressing SEND.

You are about to turn your webcam on…BUT instead you FREEZE. Not only do you not know where to start, which part of your story to tell, but you are kind of feeling wheezy and scared. Your head is spinning with thoughts. Isn’t it just too personal to put your stuff out there. ..for eternity? You started excited and on a roll and now you’re down and out and resistance has won.

Problem #1. How do you know how much is too much to tell?

Will Aunt Ida disown you if you share the family secret? Was there abuse in your family that’s been untouched, squashed down, held as a secret to never to see the light of day?

Solution #1 . You know what, you aren’t responsible for Aunt Ida and I truly believe that bringing the secret to the light dissolves the power it has over your family and changes the course of future generations for the better. You are a Hero, brave enough to change old family patterns that don’t serve anyone by letting the ‘secret’ out. Will there be consequences? Maybe. But they won’t be as severe as living an unexpressed life. Will they?

Problem #2. You’re not really sure what to share. After all- you’ve had more than 9 lives. This confusion overwhelms you. I know, I’ve been there…until I decided to take the plunge and committed to living my Truth.

Solution #2. You have to share the story that will touch the most people. The one that is deeply rooted in the totality of what it means to be alive. Pick the greatest theme of your life and choose just one story to start with. Have you experienced a lot of abandonment? Were you abused? Have you fallen in love over and over again? Are you scared shitless of intimacy. Oh, and most important-make sure you have some clarity about the issue at hand. You don’t have to be completely healed but you must be on the way to experiencing the aha, the lesson so that you will truly inspire your audiences.

You know you have a story to tell and you are so close to making a huge difference in other people’s lives. You may have thought you’d get slack from your family from sharing your stories and that’s what has stopped you. Or you just didn’t know what to share that would really engage people and make a difference. I  think these two things go together. In other words, you start to doubt you have something to say ( who am I to share this?) because you are afraid your family will tell you you can’t do it, they won’t support your sharing or they will be hurt or angry.

My most thrilling and fulfilling work has been from sharing my story. You know why- it changes lives. Simple. I’ve found the theme of my storytelling and I express it in a one-woman show (which I’ve performed for over 11,000 people to date), in interviews (NPR, FOX TV news, etc) and on video (I have a YOUTUBE channel) My clients say one of the biggest things I do for them is give them permission to be their best self – bold, creative and free. Isn’t it time to tell your story?

No more clinging to the story that you can’t share or don’t know how to start.

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