I was right there.
I felt
  • lost
  • angry (if I am being truthful),
  • jealous that other people in my acting class were more successful than me
  • invisible
  • small (insignificant)
I’d lived through something very intense…well…many things that were very intense.
I knew I was strong (I saw people deal with what I dealt with in soul-crushing ways)
At least I was proud that I followed my guidance to get back into acting class.
But I was hiding
  • my true self
  • what I had been through
  • my shame
  • the fact that I felt damaged because of my life story
I was filled with self-doubt
I was talented but the truth was I wasn’t
  • sharing my talent in all the places I could. (too much questioning of myself)
  • generously ‘giving’ of myself. (I thought I was. I wasn’t)
I was hiding my Truth because I was afraid it would be dismissed, beaten down and judged.

You know what happened when I made the decision to just STOP THOSE INNER VOICES and move past my fear of not being good enough even though I didn’t FEEL READY?

I CHANGED the course of my life….forever.

I am here all these years later (over a decade) to tell you that the decision I made to get out of my comfort zone by sharing my story (and myself) in a very bold way – a way that put me completely NAKED on -stage (in front of mostly strangers and acquaintances) was

  • one of the best decisions of my life (a defining moment)
  • incredibly freeing
  • powerfully healing at the deepest level
and I can say confidently that because I did made that decision to tell my story honestly, boldly and learn everything I needed to – to tell it well- (hello…crafting, rewriting, presentation) I have helped well over 10,000 people
  • see themselves differently
  • stand in their truth
  • express themselves creativity
  • get closer to making the impact they want to make in the world (but didn’t know how to before they saw me share my story…on stage, in my show or in my videos)
I hope you can join me in-person (if you are in San Diego) to draw that line in the sand and finally speak your truth in a way that heals you and supports others in standing more in their truth.
You can take a class anywhere if you want to showcase your talent-and simply entertain and that’s valid…but what I do…is…

I help my clients start a movement, change their lives for the better and impact the world in BIG ways just by being themselves…well, the best most entertaining and highly conscious version of themselves.

Let’s PLAY together beginning this week in my 6 week

We start this Saturday 4/22 at 9:30-11:30 am at Lamplighters Theatre in La Mesa.

Find out all the details and reserve your spot by CLICKING HERE!

I don’t know when I will be teaching this live again so if you have been thinking about presenting your story on stage I invite you to move from thinking to doing. It’s a much more powerful place to be living from.

Have friends or colleagues that want to speak on stages and are talented? I’m going to help bring the best out of them. Please forward them this information.

Not local- but you are ready- oh, so ready to speak and share your truth?

Tired of thinking but not doing and maybe didn’t even know you could get the support you needed from a mentor (moi)? and….virtually?

If this is you – I invite you to sign-up for your Complimentary SOLO-SHOW CREATION SESSION.

I know many of you can’t attend a workshop in San Diego and so I’ve decided to give you something super valuable that will give you a taste of this work.

My gift to you is a complimentary 30-minute session with with me ($100 value)

You’ll get a powerful taste of what it’s like to work with me, and it will help you understand why you might not be following through with the things you most want.By the end of this session, you’re going to:

  • Leave with a greater understanding about why you have a story in you that you haven’t done anything with- as far as having a bigger impact
  • Identify the biggest thing holding you back and what to do about it.
  • Understand exactly what step to take next to live more on purpose.
Simply reply to this email and say: I would like a session.

(New inquiries only please)

These sessions are available first come first serve until April 30.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Tell Your Story.