I’m excited, pleased and completely delighted to let you know I’m speaking at a unique and no – c. o. s. t, intensive, 5-week ONLINE event that you won’t want to miss!


Joining me will be an amazing lineup of 20 handpicked speakers, each of whom are opening their hearts and sharing their wisdom – sharing the steps to success, revealing how to overcome obstacles and solve problems to achieve your dreams.

As a bonus, during each live no – c. o. s. t presentation, attendees can ask questions and receive answers from the experts.

Look at the incredible speaker line up http://www.heart-based-service.com/expo/Adelman

You’ll hear the stories, insights and secrets – and learn how to apply the wisdom and action steps to create the life you desire.

We’ll be discussing what’s on so many people’s minds right now – how to live, find purpose and succeed during these changing times.

You’ll hear new techniques, methods and action steps to cope and use life experiences to create the life you want.

In fact, all the speakers at the Heart Based Service Expo will be sharing their wisdom so you can learn and apply this information to manifest your life to its fullest potential.


I’ll be giving my listeners practical tools to uncover what may be hiding from you and not allowing you from  enjoying your relationships and your business as much as you could

Forgive and Be Free,


Out of Fear. Into Forgiveness. Onward to Freedom.

P.S. Even though the Heart Based Service Expo is f. r. e. e to listen to and ask questions of the experts and you even get replay lines of the presentations at no c h a. r g e, ( although a few have already passed– so get signed up now) like all expos, there are great offers made during the event.

So in the spirit of providing you with all the details, when you click on the link above, depending on whatever extras you might choose, I might or might not receive some form of compensation.

Whether or not that happens, I’m just thrilled to be a part of the group of speakers in this event and to invite you to have an incredible experience