I remember when I was afraid to be seen, afraid to tell my story, afraid to be found out.

Afraid of judgment.
Always giving something someone else said more value than me.
I felt like hiding because I mistakenly thought I wasn’t worth anything because of my ‘story’
Wasn’t I damaged because of what happened with my parents ( my father killing my mom)?
Wasn’t I stupid for ever trusting him?
What was I worth?
I could never get close to anyone because I felt they would see how ugly and hateful I was inside because of thoughts I had about wanting to kill my dad for everything he took from me in that one night and with that one bullet.
And then… I started writing my story down in my journal on one of my many sleepless nights.
My mask of ‘I’m okay’ was off.
In the morning when I read my truth and how i really felt without self- judgment my heart cracked.
I whimpered before I sobbed, alone in that shitty apartment in the nice neighborhood.
And something happened… I had compassion for myself for the first time in years… compassion for the girl- woman – I wrote about on those pages of my journal.
Never did I ever think that personal writing would make it to a public stage- no less- stages across the world where I have been honored to share my journey and story publicly for years.
I did the work.
I shifted perspective.
I healed.
I became whole.
I learned how to make my traumatic story my transformative story.
This is at the heart of what I teach my clients.
And I’ll be sharing for free in my 5 Day Tell Your Story for Impact and Income Challenge later this month.
Will you join me?