Hi fellow expert,

I bet you didn’t become a coach, therapist, healer, consultant or small business owner to get into marketing and yet here we are.

We are lucky because we don’t have to spend money upfront to get the word out about our business.

But we do have to give something even more important- ourselves and our stories.

Our stories allow us to stand out in a saturated marketplace.

And when told right they not only help your business but they help you make the difference you are here to make.

Here’s a couple of different ways and places to share your story for the most reach.

1. Write your story into your website copy.

A great place for this is on your About Page or your Home Page.
Snippets of your story can be woven throughout.

2. Post your story on social media.

Have one version that is short, punchy and gets to the point. It should display the qualities you have and your values. It shows who you are.
Have another that is longer and includes some vulnerable and your Hero Story.





3. GO LIVE on Video

No social media format makes your potential clients, followers and friends feel like they know you as much as video. Your essence is captured on it. We see your gestures, how you breath (okay- I’m a little weird)- but don’t you remember what it was like to meet people in person? Video is the next best thing.

Include different stories at different times. These can be about your personal journey and you can weave in your business story…which is tied to your personal story- RIGHT?

That’s what’s gotten me and my clients so much success – bringing it together in subtle and not so subtle ways.





4. Do INTERVIEWS (often)

The more you do – the more reach you have – the more people know about your work – the more clients you get – the more known you are- the more invitations you get.

This really is the ideal scenario.

Podcasts, Radio, Youtube and FB LIVE Shows, Local TV and Network TV

Your story should be polished at this point. You should know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it to ‘kill’ every time (borrowed that from stand up comedy but you get the gist- you want to kill, not die on that virtual stage)

Which of these 4 will you focus on 1st?

Go forth and be seen, be heard and tell your story.

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