Watch this video now to find out how you can book a FREE session with award-winning actor and Hero of Forgiveness recipient Brenda Adelman

After watching this video email Brenda directly with your answers to the following 4 questions at brenda@ forgivenessandfreedom(dot)com this week.

1. Which stage of show creation are you in?

a. I’m a Newbie (haven’t started yet but have an idea and a desire)

b. I have Writing and/or Performance experience (tell me how much you have and in what field)

c. I’m a Pro (I have a first draft of a show or a speech I give professionally)

d. Master (I have a show/ speech that is polished and has been presented that I want to kick up to the next level (more prestige, more impact, more money)

2. What’s the #1 question you have that would either get you unstuck or flying high in new possibility?

3. What kind of training have you gotten so far? (Ex. Acting class, writing class, speaking class, acting coaching, marketing training or just plain ole school of hard knocks?)

4. What’s the number one thing that has stopped you until now from getting this support? (Ex: No help was available for exactly what you needed, price for on-going classes or one-on-one coaching were out of my price range, didn’t have time until now or you have hit the moment in your life where you know that if you don’t do it now you probably never will!)

Make sure to answer everything. This will let meĀ  know if I can help you. (Plus it’s my way of narrowing down the coaching sessions to the six spots that are open! This offer is going out to over a 1000 people and I have to limit it somehow!)

Email me at brenda@forgivenessandfreedom(dot)com with My Free Kickstart My One-Person Show Session in the subject line so it goes to the top of my inbox and make sure you get in before the deadline (next 2 weeks).

I only have 6 sessions available.

We will be working on skype (you can be anywhere in the world)

Be bold. Be brave. Write your story.