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How to Create and Profit Show teleclass

If you have a story inside you, go ahead and listen to this free 60 minute class and be inspired to put yourself and your journey out there in a bigger way than you ever have or maybe even thought was possible.


Creating your own show has a slew of benefits.

1. Heal yourself and your most challenging relationships

2. Express yourself with a freedom that most people never have the opportunity to tap into

3. Share your message with the world in a uniquely YOU way.

4. Inspire others and make a good living doing it.

If after listening to the call you would like my support to help you create your own one-person show so you can shorten your learning curve, learn all the secrets to not getting taken advantage of and even making money with your show then I invite you to come on board for my flagship program, How to Create, Promote & Profit from a One-Person Show.

There is nothing like this out there and one of the best parts (of the many) is that my teaching comes to you.

Early Bird Pre-Launch Special

Check it out here right now: How to Create, Promote & Profit from a One Person Show

If you were to work with me one-on-one it would cost you $150 for one 45 minute mentoring session. That’s a good start and I am actually offering one-free 45 minute session as part of the Pre-Launch Sale right now. (You don’t want to miss this) By the way-I work by phone, skype, google hangout or at my home-office in San Diego so you can be anywhere in the world.

When I was in acting class in Los Angeles (where I first developed my show) it cost me $300 a month. Not only did I have to get ready and drive through traffic each week but I also had to sit through other people’s scenes (which can be very helpful if you are learning how to act but time-consuming if you have a mission to complete your show and get it out into the world) The point is that it took me a year of classes where the focus was not on me and my work to finally get my show in working condition where I could perform it in public.

Do the math: 12 months x $300 = $3600 and then I actually worked on the show another couple of months with a director before I put the show up the first time.

  • $3600

  • well over a year of my time

  • weekly classes that I had to work my schedule around

I had to search on my own for

  • how to get the show produced

  • how to make money vs losing money (which is what most people do)

  • how to polish the piece to the point where I was sought out

  • how to decipher contracts so I wasn’t taken advantage of

  • how to get press…

  • and the list goes on and on.

It took me years to refine my process and this is what I want to share with you through my new program.

Since 2008, in addition to performing my one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet: A Meshugenah True Story all over the world I have also been a transformational life coach focusing on the healing power of

  • forgiving

  • letting go of the past and

  • setting healthy boundaries

  • in order to experience more joy and peace in your life now.

I was honored to receive a Hero of Forgiveness award from the Hawaii International Forgiveness Project. I have a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and I received a best actor award from a film festival for a short that was about the healing power of my one-woman show.

About three months ago, in meditation, I got at a directive (that strong inner guidance we all have access to)  that the next stage of my work was about mentoring people, like you, to bring their own story into the world.

And with that guidance I decided right then and there to begin working on this exciting new online video course. I want to reach you, where you are so you too can experience the freedom, the healing and the true expression of yourself in the world.

Whether you write your story and apply the performance techniques just for yourself so that you finally find your voice and let go of anything that stops you from living large or if you plan to perform your show on large stages and at conference, like me, then I invite you to move forward wholeheartedly by signing up for How to Create, Promote & Profit from a One-Person Show.

Sign-up now to lock in the lowest rate for this program and  get started with your bonus gift of a 45 minute one-on-one mentoring session with me.

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There is nothing like this program available anywhere in the world.

I wish it was available to me when I created my show. It would have saved me years of my time and thousands of dollars!

Your one-person show mentor,

Brenda Adelman