“I’ve had an Alice Cooper vs. Dairy Princess story living inside me for 40 years. With Divine Timing, I found Brenda Adelman online.

Who would have guessed a Brooklyn gal could be so helpful to a Minnesota farmer’s daughter? But she did!

Brenda coached me in tightening up my story and directed me so I could tell it in the most memorable way possible.

In 2 months, I went from an idea in my head to acting my story out on stage in front of a live audience. (who loved it : )

If you have a story in you that wants to be shared I highly recommend Brenda Adelman She’s got years of experience and she’ll freely share her expertise with you.

But more importantly she deeply cares about her clients and is dedicated to you getting your voice out there in a fun and powerful way.”

Pamela Ziemann “If I Were Me…I’d Know What I Want”

A One-Woman Show Developed and Directed by Brenda Adelman

(Pamela has performed her show across the United States and in Canada)