Last week I had an incredible breakthrough regarding my father after reading a friend’s book
I was crying in tears of compassion, love, for time lost because my heart was shut- regarding my father.

My father (who I adored until what happened) shot my mom and killed her in 1995.

I have spent a lifetime healing from that wound. Got my master’s in Spiritual Psychology and that’s where I learned how to move from victim of my story to asking better questions- like, how do I thrive, love and trust again. How can I be of service?

In the inquiry I found a way to forgive my father, open my heart and set healthy boundaries.
I truly believed I forgave my father (and my aunt- who married him after he killed her sister)

I wrote a book about my story and how I forgave him

I have a one-woman show I’ve toured the world about forgiveness.

I coach on the topic.

I understand that while we are in our bodies there is more work to do, more releasing.

I’ve been looking at my money story (not the first time)

My dad was a very successful businessman and was the money maker in my family and years ago I realized that if I wanted to create success in my business I had to release the judgment I had of the masculine – I wasn’t embracing my own masculine – and success because I was seeing it as controlling or rather a way to control others- as I felt my father did with our family.

But last week…… was the first time I really felt in my body all he did because of his love for me (vs writing it off because of his narcissism and what doing for me meant for his status)

I accepted in my heart how generous he was with me growing up and tied it to love- not labels.

I felt like the little girl again who loved the way her daddy looked at her, the young woman who received the new car he bought for me when I graduated high school.

I felt a feeling of pride working in his store in high school vs my story about having been paid the least amount of money as anyone there and how that wasn’t fair. Ha! I was 15.

I lost that sense of entitlement.

Then my story about how he raised my wages when his partner came in and paid his kids more as if it was all for show.

Like- who cares? Why is that story even there still- in my consciousness and how is it affecting me today- it was a story I used to devalue my earning potential and put my potential in someone else’s hands

This is still unfolding for me.

I feel forever changed, grateful for a cynicism I’ve held in my mind being released finally and more ready than ever to go forward with courage and love and grow my business to where I envision it going.

I have put together a brand new mini- workshop that will give you the gift of forgiveness.
Forgiving Your Father to Experience Peace and Success in the World.

It will be this Saturday at 10 am PDT.

The workshop, How to Forgive Your Father’s Betrayal to Experience More Love in your Life, is this Saturday in time for Father’s day

If you are committed to experiencing more peace regarding your story about your father- I invite you to join me.

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