It’s here – my gift to you during these changing times. This is my program,

Phoenix Rising: A Journey from Forgiveness to Freedom that I have run several times live.

If you are struggling with the burden of unforgiveness of…


your father

your mother or |


…this is for you.

In a time of uncertainty like this- it is powerful to use tools that create certainty.

The exercises in this program will help you

open your heart

set healthy boundaries

make self-honoring choices and

be open to change

so that you can accept it with as much grace as possible.

We are all in this together.

It’s taken me a lifetime of study, execution and teaching the tools I give you in this program as my gift because I want to share what I’ve learned from forgiving the unforgivable in my life. (My dad killed my mom and then married her sister, my aunt in 1995)

I picked up the remaining pieces of my life and found love and peace and joy again despite the loss, the grief and the change of life as I knew it.

We are resilient.

We begin together this Wednesday, March 25th with the 1st lesson of 30.

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Please share this with your loved ones.

— with Brenda Adelman.