Well, I’ve got just over 30 days to prepare for my tour of my one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, in England.

I’ve been happy, excited, scared, terrified, joyous, fulfilled, anxious and deeply centered and feeling on-purpose.
What’s with the roller-coaster?

Have you ever had something planned or been invited to do something that feels so in alignment with your purpose that it actually scares you?

That’s what I’m experiencing now.

Now-this has happened to me before.

As a matter of fact it seems to happen every time I’m experiencing a growth spurt of sorts.

I remember years ago, declaring in a public forum-a wonderful conference I was at- that I would have my newly penned one-woman show produced at a theatre in Los Angeles within one year. They asked for volunteers to come on stage and make their declarations. My hand raised totally without my mind thinking about it. Then my mind came in and screamed silently, “No!” and yet my legs moved me toward the stage. Viola-it was done. I was shaking inside but I stood there and declared my dreams into action. And guess what?

One year later my one-woman show had its first professional run.

By declaring it, possibilities and opportunities started aligning and then I had to keep saying yes and taking action, despite seeming to vascillate between doubt and cheer.

That said–I’d like to declare that my one-woman show, My Brooklyn Hamlet, is a smashing success in England and that it leads to more performances in England and to an Off-Broadway long run in New York City. There-I’ve said it.

Actually, I’m declaring it here and sending it to you, my readers, because I’d like you to join me during these next 30 days as I prepare to turn my dreams into action.

I believe group energy is incredibly powerful.

My intention is to post everyday with at least one thing I’ve done toward my goal: It could be increasing my exercise regiment to get in shape, using visualization, meditation and/ or practical action steps like putting together my press kits and rehearsing.

I invite you to choose a date that coincides with mine to realize a dream.

I was invited to perform in an International Jewish Performing Arts Festival at the end of December and now I am seeing the beginnings of the next stage of this journey.

Do you have something that has been in the works and spending conscious time daily for the next 30 days will move it to the next level?

If so-I invite you to join me.

And if you don’t…or it’s not a good time…that’s okay–I ask you to hold that loving and supportive energy around my dreams and the groups dreams. As you focus on that positive energy it has a way of seeping in to your consciousness.

Please comment with your progress at my Fan/Like page on Face book at
and let’s do this together!

Forgive, Create, Be Free,