Don’t you hate when people say that? It’s kind of repetitive because most people say it every year.

“I can’t believe it’s a new year.”

Heck, it’s February already.

We make big goals.

  1. We have big plans.
  2. We get a new fancy calendar.
  3. We get to the gym.
  4. We start meditating.  
  5. We vow to spend less time on our emails and to have more of a social life. 

Everyone goes in with the same mindset:

This is going to be THE YEAR.

That enthusiasm and positive energy only tends to last for a few weeks before falling back into even older habits and then the cycle starts up again around December 29th of that year.

While I don’t have the key to making all of the positive changes you want to make stick, I can tell you exactly what you can do to make sure that 2019 is the year you finally heal from at least one of the ‘stories’ you have been telling yourself about why you can’t do something and/or help you finally tell your story confidently on stage, in your marketing or on video.

I know this is a goal you’ve had and you’ve tried a lot of things before so what makes this year different?

I’ll give you a few pieces of advice to make sure it actually is DIFFERENT.

Ultimately, making this year YOUR year to take the stage (metaphorically or literally) is about doing things in a way you never have before. You have to remember that you don’t succeed in making your goals a reality by doing things the same way you’ve always done them. Something MUST change. It’s not enough to have the declaration. If it was, you would have figured this out YEARS ago. If you really want to share your story, have your voice heard and be seen, it’s time to make some changes.

I know how hard it is to go from thinking and talking about telling your story to actually getting naked on stage (telling your story publicly) without fear or seeking permission to go big. That’s why it’s your goal for 2019, right?

Today I’d like to invite you to work with me this year.

I share a lot in these free posts and in my emails but there’s nothing like that 1-on-1 connection and in-depth work to really make a change.

So much of the work I do is about helping people develop the skills needed to feel like themselves (the best version that is) and to feel confident taking center stage (on stage, in interviews on videos…and even in their personal life)

If you are really passionate about making this the year you finally go into 2020 without fear of being naked with your story or becoming the biggest version of yourself, let’s work together.

Sign up here to get started.

*****And I am including my secret weapon as a bonus (worth $497).  It is what makes the difference between being too afraid to share ‘the real stuff’- what audiences and event producers will pay you for and podcast hosts will invite you back for. My program Your Story Made Simple. (It’s my 5 week online training which combines the craft of storytelling with healing the emotions behind your stories so that you are strong, powerful and safe to shine your light center stage)

*******This special bonus is not listed on the salespage and expires on February  15th, 2019. (You can still purchase Your Story Made Simple after February 15th for $497)

Be Bold. Be Brave. Tell Your Story.


P.S. Got a question? Email me at brenda(at) forgivenessandfreedom (dot)com.