Hosted by Virginia L. Colin, Ph.D.

Episode Description

Many people have traumatic experiences during childhood and must then deal with shame, loss, hostility, and other complex ramifications. Feeling poisoned by their own anger or constrained by a victim mindset, some struggle to forgive what seems unforgivable. For Brenda Adelman the personal trauma included her father killing her mother. Then, making matters worse, he married Brenda’s aunt. Brenda had to deal with this internally. Writing her story just for herself was one step toward healing. Performing it as a one-woman show gave others permission to tell their stories and so begin shedding the layers that were holding them back from healing. Later Brenda earned an M.A. in spiritual psychology, and became a life coach, storytelling mentor, and expert guide for those who want to forgive and set boundaries. She shares her story and her work in this episode of Family Matters.