Brenda Adelman is an award winning actor with a critically acclaimed one-woman show about her life story. She’s performed her show, My Brooklyn Hamlet for over 10,000 people and for audiences as diverse as women prisoners, the US military and for youth-at-risk.

She is a speaker and life coach and teaches performers and entrepreneurs how to craft and share their stories to change lives while healing themselves.

“I have been talking about forgiveness for years. My father killed my mother and married her sister. In my one-woman show I talk about forgiving my mother in addition to my father and I’ve had people mad at me because they still believe in right and wrong and that some things you can’t forgive”.

In this episode we talk about shock, grief and denial over losing/hating a parent in that situation. We jam on Brenda’s work with women in prisons – taking responsibility for why they were there. We discuss how this is not just healing but an important part of rehabilitation.We also talk about using forgiveness to work out the anger.

For Brenda, it was writing the story down to escape the loneliness – redefining who she thought she was in the process and awakening from the anger.

The golden nugget from this episode: Release the shame and stop hiding. Be guided to share your story. Decide to be grateful and see the message in the mess. Be in the flow and follow your bliss of what you’re supposed to be doing to find your happy and the evidence of the universe having your back.