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Our first class together is August 1st.

Are you ready to transform your life?
Are you ready to put the past behind you and create any future you can dream of?

Are you hungry to live the best life you can imagine?

I am excited to share with you a special program called The Ultimate Life 21 Day Challenge.

I am one of the Faculty Members of the Ultimate Life Company AND the 21 Day Challenge!

I’m personally going through the Challenge starting August 1st, and I want you to join me!

Why would you want to do this with me? Because I know each of us needs to be prodded a little to deal with areas in our lives that need changing or at least tweaking. I know I do!

Each day of the Challenge offers a powerful webinar complete with an Action Guide. I’m honored to be one of the speakers who come from around the world. You may recognize just a few of the others: Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Rubino, Brian Tracy, Mary Morrissey, Ginny Dye, Steve Olsher, Frank Ricci, Cindy Ashton, Valerie Sheppard, and Croz Crossley.

These are the best of the best in their fields. I’m a faculty member and I’ve also considered several of these teachers to be my mentors over the years. I’ve followed Bob Proctor’s, Mary Morrissey’s and Brian Tracy’s work closely. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars seeing them live, purchasing their books and programs. I’m so thrilled to be bringing my expertise (letting go of the past through practicing the art of forgiveness) to this panel of leaders.

During the Challenge, we will be causing insights and breakthroughs in:

    *shifting our paradigm,

    *focusing our time,

    *forgiving ourselves and others,
     *eating in a way that supports our commitments,

     *discovering how our mind and emotions work,

     *discovering what is your what, what were you put on the planet for

     *how to be happy,

     *how to impact our world and so much more!

We are able to take the journey together because it’s all online. After speaking with the people who run the company (you’ll meet them on our journey together) they arranged for us to have our own PRIVATE Facebook Group so we can encourage and support one another.

Wondering if this journey is worth your time?

I personally know it is because in all honesty I started this challenge last month – alone – and it was deeply powerful. It is the most in-depth, insightful and authentic work that I’ve been exposed to since graduating from my two-year master’s degree program in Spiritual Psychology.

Here’s what some recent participants in the Challenge held by the Ultimate Life Company had to say:

When I first started the Challenge I was intimidated, wondering if at age 22 it would really help me. All I can say is, WOW! My whole life has totally changed. I am so excited about my future and where I’m going – and I have friends all over the world now who are helping me!  ~ C.M. (Malaysia)

I started the 21 Day Challenge wondering just what an 81 year old woman could learn! 21 days later I can truly say my life has been changed in so many ways. The whole world should take the ULC 21 Day Challenge!  ~B.T. (United States)
Mike Fennell, Connecticut, real estate investor and sound engineer for some of the biggest acts in the world says: The ultimate life 21 day challenge helped me get my thoughts right so I could get my life right.  My marriage, family, business and health have done a complete turn around for the better and my life is AWESOME now!  Thank you Ultimate Life!!!

Holly D, Connecticut real estate and business entrepreneur says:  Because of Brenda Adelman and the 21 Day Challenge, I am living life and jumping into new opportunities! I believe it all started with giving myself one hour a day to really take in all the offerings of the 21-Day Challenge and forgiving myself for past mistakes and simply moving forward to live the life I’ve always been dreaming of.  I can’t thank you enough!

Jean L, a computer entrepreneur from Chicago, has INCREASED her business during the recession as well as lost 50 pounds and avoided knee surgery through the A-Ha moments in The Ultimate Life Company. Her husband, by the way, released 25 pounds and his cholesterol is back to normal!
The 21 Day Challenge is the best thing I ever did for myself. They said I would be transformed. They were so right!  Everything about me – from the way I think, to how I view the world, to what I do with my time, to what I eat, to how I relate with others, has totally changed! The whole world should take the ULC 21 Day Challenge!  ~E.M. (Canada)

This is going to be transformational, powerful, and moving.

What I didn’t say before is that I stopped on Day 7 because I really longed for support. Now I have it, we have it! We can journey together and share our insights, challenges and breakthroughs.

I’ll be starting the Challenge on August 1st.

To join me for The Ultimate Life Company 21 Day Challenge, where I’ll be sharing my insights, commitments and aha’s everyday,  click here and register:

There’s a limited amount of space for participants in our private FB group.

The Choices I Make Today Will Determine the Rest of My Life!



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