Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Refund Policy

Coaching Services:

VIP days, 1- (and 2) year Unlimited Coaching Programs and one-on-one coaching and group coaching programs are non-refundable services, unless you request a refund, in writing, within 3 days of purchase and before Coaching or content has been delivered. When you purchase, I rearrange my schedule and calendar to be sure I have space and time to fully support you, and often turn away other potential clients to hold space for you.

Your purchased services must be started (for ongoing coaching) or completed (for VIP days) within 90 days of payment (when stated). In the case of extreme circumstances, I may choose (at my discretion) to allow a transfer of the amount paid to a credit good for my virtual programs,  trainings or to be held for a later date up to 12 months.

Digital Programs including but not limited to
Your Story Made Simple
You on Video
Getting Naked on Stage; How Revealing Your Story Can Make You Richer
Phoenix Rising
The Freedom to Tell Your Hero’s Story

are non-refundable.

Create, Promote and Profit with a One-Person Show as a stand-alone DIY Program has a 30-day guarantee when Paid in Full at Full Price ($997 at this writing).
There is no refund on payment plans and payment plans must be fulfilled.

Any of these programs when purchased on sale are Final and Non-Refundable.

The 8 Week Take the Stage Experience is a Final Sale and all LIVE Coaching Sessions within it are to be completed within the 8 weeks of the program or they are forfeited.

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