Hey…picture this …

It’s 2 weeks from today and you’ve included your origin story in your marketing. You have it on your webpage, on social media, you know how to pitch podcasters and you’ve included it in your first or next live video,

You’re confident and unstoppable.
You’re on fire

4 weeks from today and you’ve booked and filmed a great podcast interview that was also on video. Yep, you’re smashing it

8 weeks from now, you’ve booked another interview and are thinking about starting your own video show.

You’re feeling giddy with success

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“Working with Brenda revolutionized my writing. It transformed the task of finding my story from an impossible feat to a reality. Her methods, and loving butt-kick style are perfect for guiding creatives of all types to set milestones and reach them”

“Sifting through your past to come up with memories and ideas as to why you are in business and why you do what you do seems really abstract. That’s why I loved this program. Brenda was able to systematize a process that isn’t easily systematized. And yet the human element to it all wasn’t lost in the least”

“I have had quite a bit of experience speaking onstage. I’ve been trained as a professional speaker and trainer. But what I’ve gotten a glimpse into here PALES in comparison to the training that I’ve had. The combination of the performing arts ALONG WITH facilitating transformation is what speaks to me, and it’s that combination that I’ve never come across IN THIS WAY in my 15+ years of doing this work.” DeAnne Joy

“Brenda Adelman’s guidance on upping my video skills was clear, concise and spot on. I learned to just be myself when using my computer or phone to record videos! Her expertise is real and practical. I plan to work with her again to learn more. I have done two video tele summits now and applied what I learned from Brenda to Relax and Breathe” Pompe Strater- Vidal

How much is getting on video and telling your story effectively worth to you?

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My Find Your Story Masterclass
My 2 part webinar training: Getting Naked on Stage: How Revealing Your Story Can Make You Richer
Charisma on Camera (7 lessons on how to look and feel your best in your videos while you are growing your business)

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