Are you wearing unforgiveness on your face as fret lines or around your hips as excess weight?

  • Are you really hard on yourself?
  • Not taking care of yourself and your own needs first?
  • Do you feel like you have to prove something all the time, in order to garner love and respect from others?

If so, I want to invite you to a weekend that could change everything.

Opening to Love: A Weekend of Forgiveness and Freedom, this virtual weekend, on Saturday October 23rd and Sunday, October 24th can make all the difference in the world for you!

Opening to Love: A Weekend of Forgiveness and Freedom

  • Do you have difficulty letting things go of things?
  • Did you know that not letting go could be stopping you from attracting your ideal mate or enhancing the relationship you’re in now?
  • Do you dwell on the past and wish you could let go of your anger but just can’t do it-or don’t know how to?

There are so many ways to attract your ideal mate (or transform the relationship you have now into your ideal)

During this weekend you’ll discover what you need to do first.

And you’ll find out how to make a true shift on Day 1 of the weekend.

Day 1 is set up to support you to get to the bottom of what’s stopping you from experiencing your fullest potential.

  • Uncover Your Money Blocks
  • Identify your Intimacy Walls
  • Get to the Root of Why You are Unhappy

This day will set the stage for you to get to another level of living.

You’ll find out how to listen to yourself and stop your inner saboteur.

Within just a few short months of mastering the processes Brenda will be teaching you during Opening to Love: A Weekend of Forgiveness and Freedom, Brenda  met the love of her life and they are now together for 9 years. She also was able to make some of the hardest decisions of her life with an inner knowing that she was doing the right thing.

In Day 2 you’ll learn

  • how to stop comparing yourself to everyone and anyone else.
  • How to care for yourself by setting up support systems
  • How to move from thinking about making a change to doing it with grace and ease
  • and you’ll receive an Action Plan to anchor the learnings from the weekend.

There will be a guest Emotional Freedom Technique expert joining us for a special call on Sunday to help you feel better physically by releasing any toxic emotions that have surfaced to heal.

You’ll learn how to open to love with others

  • by learning to love yourself
  • by forgiving and letting go of past resentments by transforming angry energy into possibility for a change in the future
  • by facing your fears and moving through them with support

and so much more!

Join Brenda Adelman  for this transformational weekend and make a real change in your life. Opening to Love: A Weekend of Forgiveness and Freedom, October 23rd and October 24th.
Sign-up quickly and receive one-on-one private and group coaching during the weekend with Brenda. Spots are limited.

Learn more and register here:

Forgive, Open Your Heart, Be Free,

Brenda Adelman
Out of Fear. Into Forgiveness. Onward to Freedom.

Brenda Adelman, M.A. in Spiritual Psychology will take you through the same process she used herself to go from depression and addiction (to food and beating herself up about her weight) to living as a creative expression of the divine feminine. (Men are welcome too to stand up in their beautiful masculine power) The depression came from losing her mother when her father shot and killed her in 1995. The life-long love/hate relationship with food and her body came as a result of numbing to what was going on around her. It was easier to obsess about her body than deal with her feelings about her own success and failure. Join Opening to Love and experience real freedom!