Fifteen years ago today is when my father killed my mother.

It’s been quite a road….from shock, denial of my father’s guilt, to devastating loss and inner rage for myself for not being able to save my mom and for ever loving and trusting my dad…to where I am now.

My mother’s death propelled me into my life’s work of helping to spread forgiveness – because it was the KEY ingredient to my being able to ‘get a life’ again. By facing my most ugly feelings (with support around me) I was able to open my heart again. I now have a beautiful partner, a lovely home, the best dog in the world, deep friendships and my work is my joy.

The way my mom died-from a a gunshot wound to her head (my father’s gun) was the catalyzing experience that woke me up and led me directly onto my soul’s journey.

As I reflect today on where I was 15 years ago on this date and how I found out about my mom’s death and then I look at every anniversary since, I realize that I am indeed healing.

Every October  gets better.

Today was just a normal day…maybe a bit more reflective than most..but normal.

I haven’t been crying, looking at photos and asking why, numbing myself out with food or shopping–all things I did years ago.

Instead…I’m grateful….and embrace my memories with love.

Please join me the weekend of October 23rd and October 24th at Opening to Love: A Weekend of Forgiveness and Freedom, where I’ll teach you how to move from despair to hope to peace and joy while safely opening your heart.

If I could do it…you can do it too!

Forgive, Open Your Heart, Be Free,


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Out of Fear. Into Forgiveness. Onward to Freedom,