Until midnight on Saturday, April 18th (1 week people) you can claim “Opening to Love Weekend“, my virtual power packed program
that will give you the tools to:

  • forgive the past
  • set healthy boundaries with those in your life today
  • celebrate yourself and experience more self-acceptance

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Are you ready to finally open your heart again after being hurt? Imagine how much of that stuck energy is keeping you down, depressed or unable to move forward in your career or in your relationships.

This is your chance.

It’s Time to STOP:

* beating yourself up
* numbing out by doing too much (overworking, drinking, eating, partying, shopping, drugs)
* jumping into yet another bad relationship so you can focus on them and not you
* trying to lose more weight with no success
* not going after your dreams

This special is simply a way of saying THANK YOU.


Be Bold. Be Brave. Heal Your Story.
Brenda Adelman
Life Story & Forgiveness Mentor

P.S. Time is running out. You only have until Saturday to get in at 90% off. Try it for 14 days. I am so sure that you’ll
experience a significant change by using the tools is the program that I want to
take finances off the table and get these exercises in your hands right away. Pay later. You will be charged the remainder of the investment ($90) after 14 days. If you don’t use the program you can email me before then to just pay the $7. I can’t really take the program back because it is digital. This is how confident I am that it will make a difference for you.

I look forward to working with you.


Red Scarf hopeful