Me by your side for the next 12 months. Unlimited coaching calls!

Got a business question regarding using your story, appearing on video, taking the stage, becoming a better actor, presenting with authority, reaching out to people who can hire you?

Want help editing a bio, an email, some copy, a scene from your speaking presentation?

Want to bring a passion to life? Start a coaching practice? Heal the past? Find your purpose?

We’ll jump on the phone and knock it out.

Need courage, permission…a mentor to listen to you and validate your ideas or point you in another direction?

Basically nothing is off-limits.

If I don’t know the answer personally I’ll direct you to take an action where you can find the answer.

For a limited time and for a limited amount of people (just 5 spots open- TWO SPOTS SOLD ALREADY!) I am introducing my YOUR SACRED STORY (Unlimited Calls) Coaching Program.

You get Unlimited 15 minute laser coaching calls with me for 12 months. (Some restrictions…that are reasonable to keep all of our sanity …but not much)

Super low investment. Break it down!

Gobs of coaching time with me.

Your results accelerated…with me helping you with accountability as your coach for a year!

One of things that I’ve found very difficult as an entrepreneur is not knowing what my next best move is because I’ve basically Crowd Sourced my action steps.

You know what I mean, right?

Have you ever worked with one coach for 6 weeks, then another in a 12 month group coaching program but with no real time access (like within 24 hours of when you need an answer) or no intimate coaching (it’s always on a group freaking call).

Or the investment is such a stretch that you can’t afford to have ongoing coaching with the same person…yet.

So it ends up being a hodge podge of coaching and teachers and following different people and trainings and there’s no continuity and well…not the kind of progress you had hoped for.

Let’s transform that ‘hope’ into realistic in the world results…together.

What I’ve noticed for my clients is that when I work with one person over time (and they do the work) they get results.

They ride on the momentum of commitment, consistency and continuity.

I LOVE working with my long-term coaching clients  (regular and VIP level) because they get real results:

Shows complete
Shows premiered
Solo-Show bookings
Solo-show tours
Talks Created
Speaking Engagements Booked
Videos Made
Thousands of Views on Videos
Businesses Launched
Passion Projects Started and
So Much Healing

I have clients that work with me for years.

Some start as VIPs and then continue coaching.

Some start as coaching clients and then become VIPs.

When I have time with them…and they do the work in between that we are focused on they make huge strides.

And that makes my heart happy. I know I’m helping make dreams come true.

So I asked myself- how could I help more people and not just in my high end- high touch programs.

How could I help serve you if right now you cannot afford to invest in one of my regular coaching programs or courses.

Maybe you’ve purchased other programs that you still haven’t finished and so you’d like my support but think you’ll never get to the work I give you because you haven’t been able to schedule time to finish what you’ve already invested in.

Heck, maybe you are in one of my programs but aren’t sure how to get organized or find time, or just sit down and do what it takes to finish.

And you want results desperately.

You aren’t alone. Stats tell us that most people don’t finish.

Now you don’t have to do it alone.

If you are ready to have a mentor in ME who will hold you accountable to what you say you want and be there to support you over time..for a fraction of what the investment would be to be in one of my regular coaching programs…

and you’re willing to do the work…I WANT SUCCESS STORIES!!!!

Then I have good news!

I’ve designed this program; The Unlimited Your Sacred Story Coaching Package for you.

Unlimited (with some reasonable restrictions) 15 minute laser coaching calls with me for the next 12 months.

Here’s how it works:

1. Use this link to sign up for One Full Year of UNLIMITED Your Sacred Story Coaching with me:

2. You will get an email within 24 hours with a link to my calendar so that we can have our first laser coaching session together (the first session is 30 minutes instead of 15 so that I can get to know you better.)3. On the call, we will identify your goals and come up with homework. If resistance is rearing its ugly had- I’ll give you the tools to blast through that. (FYI: I’ve been a life coach since 2006)

4. After each call, I will send you an email with a link to the recording of our call (it’s a phone call) confirmation of your homework, and a link to schedule your next call.

5. After you’ve done the homework you can schedule your next call. Simple.

6. No homework on a call because it was a call just to answer a question- No Problem. After our call I will send you a link to schedule your next call as early as the next day during the week.

7. Up to one call a day Monday – Friday. That’s up to 20 calls a month. That’s up to 240 laser coaching calls during the next year. You are responsible for scheduling them. They cannot be combined.

Do you think that could be helpful for your personal and business life?

8. On Holidays or if I am performing (yep- I am a working actor and speaker) the schedule will be slightly different but you’ll still have access to the same amount of monthly calls with me.

9. This program does not include email coaching or VM messages or FB messaging. Overtime will be charged at my regular rate (or made-up/taken from the time on the next call). Healthy boundaries help everyone.

This program only includes these customized laser coaching phone calls.

(Interested in adding email coaching too or another program? We can discuss that)

That’s it! It’s simple. And it’s only $997 for a FULL YEAR of coaching with me.

I look forward to witnessing your growth, answering your questions on your calls and getting to know you.

Just click here, sign up, and allow me the honor of mentoring you for the next year.¬† You’ll know that you have a mentor ‘in your pocket’ as close as a phone call away for the entire year:

Be Bold. Be Brave. Tell your Story.


P.S. I’m so excited about this offer and how much continuous support I’m going to be able to give you as we develop this client/coach relationship during the next year that for the first 2 people who sign-up for this 12 month package I’m going to give you one 30 minute call each month – not just the first Kick Start call. (These are SOLD OUT)

Sign-up here!

If you are one of the first two to sign-up for this Your Sacred Story Coaching Package you’ll receive an email to congratulate you on the up to extra 165 minutes of coaching being added to your Package. (SOLD-OUT)

Everyone will get a Welcome email with all the details and a link to schedule your first session within 24 hours of signing up.

The program runs from March 19th, 2018- March 19th 2019.

You can sign-up tomorrow but the price goes up by $500 to $1497. Still a bargain for 12 months of coaching with me.

Remember- I only have room for 5 people in this program at this price so act fast if you want to take advantage of this support from me over the next 12 months. Two spots already taken.