Do you want to act?

Is it your time to shine?

Your time to be in the spotlight?

Your time to share your story?

If so I would love you to Join Me for My Virtual Acting/Presentation Class, “So You Want to Be in Show Biz?!”

I’m launching it this Thursday, January 12th.
There will be two virtual acting classes this month and two more in February.
This class is for you if
1. You are an actor with a one-person show you are developing- or
you are a speaker developing a ‘classic’ speaking presentation
2. You are telling your personal story in videos. Ex: A welcome video on your website, part of a 3 part video series
and you want to present confidently and authentically and effectively. You want to up-level.
You will- with my guidance.
It’s been proven over and over again with my one-on-one clients.
So I’ve decided to test this group format out because I know not everyone can afford to work with me one-on-one yet.
I took master acting classes and acting for camera classes at the best schools in NYC, London and Los Angeles for well over a decade.

Monthly, year in and year out. They all cost upwards of $250/month.

The on-camera classes averaged about $600 each 6 weeks.

They absolutely helped me become the actress and presenter I am.
I hear time and again how natural and engaging and comfortable I am on camera.
On stage I’m a dynamo- as anyone whose seen my critically acclaimed one-woman show or my star turns on stage in San Diego the last two years will attest to.
Now I want to pass it on to you.
For members of my program How to Create, Promote and Profit with a One-Person Show– I’ve already gifted them two months free in this Master Performance Training.
You have two choices:
1) Do you want a step-by-step system where you’ll discover how to write your material with heart and strength and skill?
If so, join me in my online virtual video training program, How to Create, Promote and Profit with a One-Person Show right now.
Get started for as low as $57 today with the payment plan and you’ll be gifted two months of the LIVE Virtual Performance Master Class, “So You Want to Be in Show Biz?!”. Or pay in full and save $112.
Either way, you’ll receive one 30 minute one-on-one laser coaching session with me where you’ll get the clarity you need on what to work on in the class. That’s a $100 value.
2) If you already have a story to tell and you don’t need help with crafting it- you just really know that presentation skills would make you feel a lot more confident, then I invite you to join me for January and February for a BETA TEST price of just $20/month.
Learn more about the Virtual Master Acting Class and Sign-Up HERE!
I’ll see you on Thursday.
Your performance mentor and story coach,
P.S. This will be an intimate class and very safe to share your material. I help you embrace your courage, your uniqueness and help you present powerfully.
Questions? Email me by replying to this email.
P.P.S. Learn More and Sign-up for my new Virtual Acting/Presentation Class, “So You Want to Be in Show Biz?!” by Clicking HERE. Save your spot! Don’t miss out!