Get Your Personal Forgiveness Breakthrough

Forgiveness Breakthrough Strategy Session

Are you ready to move from the victim to the victor of your life? Then sign-up today.

Learn how to trust yourself and your decision-making abilities. Learn how to protect your heart as you open it to allow more love in at the same time. Did you know that suppressing emotions, fighting back anger, closing down to protect oneself takes a lot of energy? If you do nothing—you’ll get more of the same.

It’s hard to heal if you are not supported and it is impossible to grow.

I can help you learn to take just one baby step at a time so it’s not overwhelming.

If you are frustrated, in pain and don’t know how to move forward….it is NOT your fault. You have never been shown how to move out of the place you are in. Now-I can show you the way.

Imagine for a moment what your life (and the life of those who you love and love you) could be like if you started to experience joy and power in your life.

Imagine being in a loving relationship with someone who honored you and whom you trusted

Imagine the look in your child’s (partner’s) eyes when they recognize that you are happy again.

Imagine attracting healthy relationships into your life and experiencing an open heart.

Imagine in 40 days…experiencing real change and looking back at this moment of you reading this message right now…and knowing this was the day that was a turning point for you.

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Is Focused Forgiveness Coaching From Me Right For You?

Think about it. Tune in. You will know.

This is not a ‘magic pill’ that you do once and solves everything that has been weighing on you all these years and has brought you to this point. If that is what you are looking for, then I’m NOT the one for you—and I wish you well on your journey.

If you are ready to take charge of your life by taking full responsibility for it NOW—the only place of true POWER—then we might be the right fit.

The key points are these:

  • I’ve personally overcome depression, devastating loss and betrayal and created a life filled with peace and joy and love despite the murder of my mother by my father. I walk my talk and have been sharing my journey for the upliftment of others over the last seven years.
  • I received a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and went on to serve as an assistant at The University of Santa Monica for two years where I deepened my learning and ability to hold a healing space for others and continued to master the healing process by creating my forgiveness coaching system. I assist in the program as a volunteer currently.
  • I’m a trained prayer chaplain for Unity Church

Listen to me…Your life will not change….until you make a commitment to yourself to do what it takes to heal. I lost five years of my life. You don’t have to. I didn’t have someone with my experience available to help me through those darkest times. I’m committed to helping you if you are ready to step up and start seeing and living the possibilities for your best life. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to offer this because of my busy schedule. So take advantage now to make this the beginning of your new life.

Here’s What You Need to Do Now:

I can only handle a relatively small number of new people each month…so don’t even think about putting this off if you are eager to start experiencing a different way of seeing your world The burden of blame, guilt, anger or living in the past is ready to be set free from you NOW!

I call it “The Forgiveness Breakthrough Session”…and your private 45-minute coaching session with me is FILLED with every essential tool, skill, secret and principle you need to get moving.

This is PERSONAL MENTORING by me…uniquely customized for you to start implementing the new skills you will learn right away and make changes in your life.

Here’s just some of what we can discover in your Laser Forgiveness Breakthrough Session:

Clear next steps that you can take immediately to start relieving some of your suffering

Uncovering of deep unconscious core beliefs that are running you…about relationships, money, love, God

Stress reduction techniques

Learning about healthy boundaries, who is overstepping them and how to set them

Self-forgiveness and why it is necessary
And much more…

The 45-Minute ‘Forgiveness Breakthrough Session’

In 45 Minutes You’ll Walk Away With a Clear Plan and a Call to Action….All Mapped Out for You
This is not for everyone. You must be ready. However…

If you’ve wanted private, one-on-one time with someone who has ‘been there’ in those dark places and gotten through and not only is surviving but is thriving…then this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

How much for this?
These sessions are only $150

How much will it cost you not to do this?

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P.S. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Let’s get you scheduled soon!