Saturday I spent all day in Los Angeles at a very special annual event held by The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival. It’s called empowerment day and it was filled with powerful, talented and passionate women all creating solo-shows, taking stages and truly changing the world.

I spoke on a 90 minute panel on the nature of the business of the solo-show.

And then I co-facilitated a 90 minute workshop with a colleague on how to successfully tour with our shows.

The participants were on fire with ideas and inspiration.

It got me thinking about how I could bring what I know and teach in my

* in- person 6 week workshop, Healing through Story: Tell Yours! program and in my

* signature online 8 week group training program, The 8 Week Create Your Show and Take the Stage Experience to you…no matter where you are.

I want to get you started and/or upleveled so that you are

LIVING fully in your TRUTH


and I want to get you out of overwhelming thoughts like…

I don’t know which story to tell

I’m afraid that so and so is going to be mad if I share this…

Who is going to pay me?

I have answers for you- you just have to step up, say YES and play.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) October 22nd at 2 PM PST/ 5 PM EST meet me for an intimate hands-on workshop where you are going to be writing, getting your questions answered by me and leaving with a plan in hand to take step-by-step actions from….and…

It’s FREE!

I’m going to go for it and do it as a LIVE STREAM inside one of my private FB groups. So make sure to sign up right now  through this link:

Look for the confirmation email in your SPAM of junk folder because you must click the link inside that first email from me to ensure you get the welcome emails with all the details in it and have enough time to join my FB group before the LIVE STREAM begins at 2 PM PST.

Make sure you have something to write on and bring your excitement. This is going to be a POWERFUL Masterclass. I will give you all I’ve got <3 That’s my style.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Tell Your Story.