My “Sacred Storytelling” Unlimited Coaching package is the most successful program I’ve ever created.

Solo business owners, speakers, performers (singers and actors) coaches and healers
grabbed this year-long coaching program without blinking and I’d like for you to get in
on it too.

In fact, I’ll even throw in a 2nd year for free.

Yes, read that line above again, if you sign up by Saturday, September 29th,
I will add on a 2nd year of coaching for free. (Expired)

Let me tell you what you get for the low $1997 (one time) price:


– UNLIMITED 15 Minute Laser Coaching Sessions

– Recordings Of Your Coaching Calls

– Homework on Each Call

Pull out your calculator right now and divide $1997 by 24 months.
That’s less than $84 per month for world class Transformational

How would it feel to know that you’ve hired a coach
and that someone’s got your back for the next 2 years?

Awesome – Right?

The main rule in this program is that you must complete your
homework before scheduling your next session


I’m here to help you succeed!

So here’s the link to grab 2 years of Transformational Coaching for
1 very low price:

Simply sign up now and get 2 years of coaching, support,
and programs for what amounts to less than $84 per month.

Let me answer a few questions for you:

Is it truly unlimited? Well, yes and no…there’s some suggestions to keep us
all sane and balanced (and they work for both of us): However, you can have a call
with me on a Monday, do your homework that same day and schedule your next
call the next day. I’m there for you. (More deets on that when you click the link here)

Is there a payment plan? No. I’ve never had one for this program and there likely
never will be one. If you’re determined enough, you will find a way to
do this in one payment. (PayPal credit might be a good choice)

Is there a guarantee? Yes, just added -when you have your first call within 7 days of
signing up/payment. If on our first 30 minute call you (or we) don’t think this is
a good fit, I will immediately refund your money.

What if I’m not ready to start? That’s okay, you can sign up now, book that first call with me in the next 7 days and then keep the official start date of your coaching in your back pocket for when you are ready any time through the end of this year.
(we’ll start the 2 year clock when you have your second call).
Although I’ll tell you, it’s very likely you are ready now, you just need some coaching on what to do first.

Is 15 minutes really enough for a coaching session?
Yes, if we skip the chit-chat and get right down to business, it is.
Your first call is actually 30 minutes so that I can get to know you better, but after that,
I’m really good at helping you in 15-minute sessions.

Is the homework super hard? Not at all. In fact, you and I must agree on the homework.
It’s usually some baby steps to move you forward, but if you’re feeling particularly
productive, you can ask me for more.

Let me summarize this for you:

For $1997 ($84/month) you get unlimited transformational coaching (biz coaching, story coaching, show coaching, confidence coaching, forgiveness coaching, life guidance)

– Your first call is 30 minutes and each call thereafter is 15

– After each call, you are emailed a recording of your call, confirmation of your homework, and a link to schedule your next session once your homework is complete

There is no good reason not to grab this if you are ready to
finish 2018 strong and make 2019 even better!

Talk Soon!


P.S.  So sign-up NOW. Don’t miss out. I look forward to my journey with you as your coach for the next 2 years for less than $84/mo.(Extra Year Bonus has Expired)