This is the 4th time I am running this free challenge.

It’s for entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, consultants, authors, accountants, speakers, realtors and small business owners who have fear about being on video because they haven’t learned the tools we actors know.
There are also a few performers in there because they also have a business but haven’t treated their storytelling or singing as one yet.
Here’s the break down:

Day 1 (Monday): Powerful Tips to Get Past Your Fear About Doing Your Videos.

Day 2: Finding Your Perfect Composition, Colors and Background

Day 3: Preparation to Be Fully Present

Day 4: Creating Your ‘Killa’ Intro

Day 5: Using Improvisation to Find Out What to Say

Day 6: Using Your Story to Stand Out

Day 7: Utilizing Your Voice to Be Compelling

Know anyone who would LOVE you if they had access to all this training for FREE too.

Here’s the sign-up:

We had so much joy and connection in the group last week because I ran a Pre-Challenge week training. I hope you’ll join us and/or pass this on. 

Thank you!
Creator of You on Video Made Simple