1. Meditate for 5 minutes before the shoot.
2. Bring the focus of your energy from your head to your heart and speak from your center.
3. Breathe 3 deep and slow breaths before you start.
4. Visualize the perfect outcome (just like top athletes) do. See it in your mind’s eye. Ex: My first take is brilliant
(okay- maybe the third)
5. Affirm “I have an abundance of time to shoot this
6. Rehearse before you press record -several times. This will make the shoot take less time. (I have some great
rehearsing and presentation tips, frankly, I don’t know how people who are not trained actors like me don’t get
7. Still nervous, stiff? – step away from the camera and take a little break-shift your body. Stretch – do
the Super Hero pose and take a photo of it so you can laugh for a minute
8. Got a pet that makes you happy? Imagine them or bring them in the room (if they won’t hog the shot or
make noise)
9. And it’s not totally on you- I’m a performance coach and I can help you. (Email or message me on FB if you want to find out about that)
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