Ready to Put Your Story and Talent on Stage so You Can Make the Difference You Want to in the World but not sure where to begin?

How about letting a Master Coach, Performer and Teacher show you?

In this FREE 7 Day Challenge you will learn how to:

1. Identify the Events from Your Life that are Juicy so Your Audiences will Be Captivated By You Sharing Them

2. Discover what you need to HEAL and RELEASE about your Story so You CAN BOLDLY Share YOUR MESSAGE with JOY.

3. Learn how to CRAFT YOUR CREATIVE TALK LIKE A PRO so that your audience wants more of you (instead of tuning out).

4. Present On Stage in a way that Blows Your Competition Away (Yep- there is competition…well, only until you learn my system 🙂)

5. Get out there and GET BOOKED and GET CLIENTS.

6. Be Paid being the best and most POTENT, CONFIDENT, SELF-EXPRESSED YOU!

I’ve presented my show and shared my message and made an impact on stages in 4 countries and 10 states so far for audiences as diverse as women prisoners,youth-at-risk, for domestic violence trainings and child advocacy conferences as well as theatre festivals, schools and spiritual centers.

What difference will your message make?

What impact can you have when you use all your talent, all your passion and all your experience?

I look forward to teaching you in the challenge..

Please invite your friends. They will thank you for it and you’ll get to know each other at a much deeper level

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Day One: Finding Your Story
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