I am trying out something new because I have 30 days of space that have opened up in my calendar. The show I am starring in, Skin Deep, opened this past weekend and so all those rehearsal hours are now given back to ME!

This is a really cost-effective way to get my help moving your projects forward and/or even getting some coaching on mindset blocks and focus/scheduling.

Let’s Do This

I personally was coached by one of my first online business coaches by email for about three months (way back in 2008) and I LOVED IT because….it was easy on my budget…half of the price of my coach’s live coaching fees. I also got clarity by writing out everything that I was looking for help on and getting the feedback I needed.

Plus, I will be offering this unlimited email coaching at way less than 1/2 the price of my live coaching this first time. (Coaching with me is a minimum of $600/month or $199 for one 60 minute session)

This email coaching offer is Only $97 for 30 days of coaching with me.
The Time is Now!
If you are interested in getting email coaching from me for the next 30 days you must jump on board (make your payment by) Tuesday of next week, April 12th, because I have a 30 Day window open for this. This program will begin on April 13th and go for 30 days (closing on May 11th).

During that time you can email me everyday (Monday- Friday) with your question. Allow me 24 hours to get back to you (or by Monday if I receive your question on a Friday). If it’s a simple question that doesn’t take much time to answer- I may answer that day and as soon as you receive my response- you can ask your next question.

Some kinds of things you can ask me:
1) How to prepare for a meeting
2) To take a look at an email you are sending and give you notes
3)To choose between 3 stories you are interested in telling
4) Next action steps to get to the next level in your work.

You get the idea. If you have any questions about this please reply to this email.

*The ball is in your court with this email coaching. Email me everyday with your questions, your challenges or your wins or take a few days to do assignments I give you based on your questions to me.

Just one payment of $97 for this Introductory rate.

You must be paid up by Tuesday, April 12th. (The sooner the better so I can get an accurate count of how many people are signing up and schedule the time for this)

Your email coaching with me starts on Wednesday, April 13th with your first question- and completes on May 11th. There are no transfer of dates and no refund.

This offer will not be extended. You will not be able to re-up on May 11th.

I look forward to supporting you in reaching your BIG goals…this month!