12 Days of Christmas 2020

Day 1: Phoenix Rising: A 30 Day Journey into and through Forgiveness to Freedom
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Day 2: Healing of Memories Bundle
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Day 3: Ceremony of Release with Brenda
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Day 4: Healing Your Story audio

Day 5: FREE!
You the Speaker
20 Speaking Tips plus Bonus 50

Day 6: Find Your Story Masterclass plus
Bonus 1:1 Coaching with Brenda

Day 7: Performance Mastery

Unforgettable Performances in Your Presentations

(Talks and One-Person Shows based on Your Life)
* How to Memorize Lines *
* Combat Nerves *
* Deliver the Goods *
* Leave Your Fears Behind *
* Show Up and Connect *
Performance Foundations and Advanced Secrets.
2 training modules that are normally only available inside my signature system Create, Promote and Profit with a One-Person Show (aka Your Story and Talent on Stage)

Day 8: Profit from Your Performance

Why spend years before you make any money presenting your story?

What to do when someone throws a contract in front of you (organizer, director, producer, theatre, venue) so you don’t end up paying them money.

How to negotiate for higher fees.

Know what questions to ask and what to ask for.

Today’s special is my powerful training module on Profiting from Telling Your Story l-earned from being in the trenches and going from $0- $3500 per storytelling event.

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Day 9: Video Confidence

Doing videos or want to but want to look better?
What You’ll Discover in this Show and Tell Masterclass Encore:
What colors to wear to frame your face
Which angles make you look your best
The difference between a close-up and a medium shot and what you should use
How to put together your best backdrop
How to position the camera to show your strength
Make-up tips that make a BIG difference.
How to Create Instant Rapport with Your Audience
And a POWER Advanced Acting Tip

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Day 10: Pretty, Pretty Lashes (so you look great in your videos).
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Day 11: The Virtual Video Makeover Weekend Retreat
You’ll receive my personal feedback on up to 3 of your short videos so that each one gets better and better.

More polished.
You’ll know what to say.
You’ll look your best.
You’ll sound your best.
You’ll be compelling with your message.
You’ll connect to your audience.
And you’ll practice your Call to Actions

PLUS BONUS Charisma on Camera Training, Storytelling Training, Private Community
First 3 people also get a one on one with Brenda

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Day 12: Tell Your Story for Impact Weekend

When you invest today  in the Tell Your Story for Impact Weekend where I will help you hone in on the story you need to focus on to make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time…

you’ll receive The next Video Makeever Retreat Weekend for FREE as a BONUS.

That was Deal #11 that I offered yesterday.

Today’s Deal is all about telling your story- the story only you can tell.

How to tell it effectively to express yourself, heal yourself, help people and grow your business.

Attract your ideal clients by bringing them- ALL OF YOU.

Learn how to craft your story like a pro.

Most of us didn’t get into business so we could tell our stories but oh how much more fulfilling it is when we can do it confidently and for the purpose of helping people while serving our business.

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